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Personal Training

I've been in your shoes...

 ​I had always been a "big Canadian girl" and everyone said "that's the way you're supposed to be". At my thinnest, in high school (where I met my hubby), throughout college and when I got married, I was a happy and healthy size 12. forward a couple of years.....

I gained almost 100 pounds each time I was pregnant, that's what!  And I had my girls back to back! I was pregnant, nursed my eldest daughter for one year, then right away I was pregnant with my youngest and nursed her for one year as well.  I'm pretty sure I don't have to tell you how busy I was with two children under the age of 2!  

Long story short, I find myself overweight and in Orange County, California!  Unhappy and unhealthy.  Once we had settled, a couple of years had passed and now it was time to take care of me.  So I found a trainer and started working out.  My trainer helped me to change my body composition and showed me a healthier way of living.  With her help and guidance I began noticing big changes in myself.  It was thrilling!  I had no idea I could do the things I was doing (running with my family - half-marathons too!) and see the changes I was seeing (I had abs!).  In the end I had lost over 85 pounds and was now a size 6!!!!!!

I am so grateful for ALL the experiences in my life.  I wouldn't be the person I am today with out them.  That's why I decided to become a personal trainer myself.  I've been in your shoes, I know how you feel!  I also know with the proper guidance, support, knowledge and lots of determination, your goals of a happier and healthier life are totally attainable!  

Trust me!  I've BEEN THERE, LOST THAT!